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Webmaster vs. Web Developer vs. Web Designer Whats the Difference?

When trying to choose between hiring a Webmaster, Web Developer or Web Designer it can get a little confusing.

Here is some insights to make the proper choice when hiring someone to produce your website the way you want it.

There is a big difference in the job descriptions and duties of a web designer, a web developer and a webmaster, but the average person gets them confused.
Web designers know just enough to get by on the back end programming side and web developers usually just do the design work, while a webmaster is knowledgeable about all aspects of web design, seo and marketing. So who to hire? A Webmaster vs. Web Developer vs. Web Designer?

A web designer designs the web site and that’s it.

Web Designers are basically graphic designers. They should have a creative and artistic background and be strong in visual and graphics. A web designer is responsible for the overall look and feel of the site, including the photos, color, font type and size, graphics, and layout.

A web developer programs the back end of a website for functionality.

Most web developers do not have experience in design work, and that is not their primary function. The developer’s job is knowing how to write the proper css, html, php or mysql code and how to tie it all together including forms and other elements of the website. In other words, the web developer is in charge of the functionality of the website.

A webmaster is knowledgeable in all the aspects mentioned above plus SEO and Web Marketing.

A webmaster (from web and master) also called a web architect, web developer, site author, website administrator, or website coordinator is a person responsible for maintaining one or many websites. The duties of the webmaster may include seo, sem as well as ensuring that the web servers are operating correctly, designing the website, generating and revising web pages, SEO testing, replying to user comments, and examining traffic through the site.

As a general rule, professional webmasters “must also be well-versed in Web transaction software, payment-processing software, and security software as well as being experts in marketing and social networking“.

Now that you know the general responsibilities of a web designer, a web developer and webmaster, you will likely have additional questions, so ask away!

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  1. Wondering the answer to this question. I would expect that the webmaster’s value is higher that the designer and developer… yet how much greater? Would PayScale be accurate?

  2. I’ve been a software engineer and consultant for the past 6 years.. never have I worked a project with a web designer or a web masters.

    Be an engineer and carry all those dumb titles listed above.

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    I’m always looking for a great informative article and your article also very very good written and best for our understanding thanks for sharing with us.

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